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Iiyama 86" LH8654UHS Large Format 4K Display

Iiyama 86" LH8654UHS Large Format 4K Display


Delivering a slim bezel, 4K UHD, 500cd/m² brightness display, which can be operated 18/7 in landscape and portrait orientation, whatever the application. Thanks to the Android OS, you can easily customize the display by installing applications directly to it, making it the perfect choice for Digital Signage and In-store communication. The Intel® SDM Slot provides embedded PC option for total flexibility, security and control, while FailOver feature ensures your content is always actively displayed through your choice of inputs.

  • Transport Weight

    90 Kg 

  • Flying Weight

    50 Kg

  • Power Consumption

    1 Amp

  • Includes

    1x Adjustable Spanner,
    1x HDMI To HDMI Cable (3M),
    1x 13Amp - Cloverleaf Power Cable (5M),
    1x Iiyama Remote
    1x Pozi Headed Screw Driver,
    1x Unicol Universal Screen Mount Backplate,
    1x Pro Power Glass Cleaner (PPC106),

  • Loading USB Media

    On the laptop: 
    1. Insert the blank USB stick into an available USB port on your laptop. 
    2. Open the File Explorer (Windows) or Finder (Mac) to access the USB stick. 
    3. Locate the USB stick in the file directory and right-click on it. 
    4. Choose "New" and then "Folder" to create a new folder in the root of the USB stick. 
    5. Rename the newly created folder as "signage". 
    6. Open the "signage" folder, right-click inside it, choose "New," and then "Folder" to create a subfolder. 
    7. Name the subfolder as either "photo" or "video" based on your preference. 

    At this point, you should have the following folder structure on the root of the USB stick: 

    8. Copy your desired media files (photos or videos) into the appropriate folder ("photo" or "video") under the "signage" folder. 

    On the iiyama screen: 
    1. Insert the USB stick into the USB port of the iiyama screen. 
    2. Use the remote control or the screen's buttons to navigate to the input/source menu. 
    3. Select "Media Player" as the input/source. 
    4. Access the media player menu and click on the "Compose" or "Create Playlist" option. 
    5. Choose the appropriate media type, either "Photo" or "Video," depending on the content you added to the USB stick. 
    6. Browse through the files and select the desired media file to add it to the playlist. 
    7. If needed, you can delete any unwanted files from the playlist. 
    8. Once you have selected the media files for the playlist, click on the options button on the remote control. 
    9. In the options menu, select "Add/Remove" or a similar option to finalize the playlist. 
    10. Click on "Save" or "Abort" to save the playlist settings. 

    To play the media: 
    1. In the media player menu, select the "Play" option. 
    2. Choose the playlist you created earlier. 
    3. The iiyama screen should now start playing the media files in the selected playlist.

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