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L-Acoustics White X8 Muti-Purpose Enclosure

L-Acoustics White X8 Muti-Purpose Enclosure


X8 is the ideal live monitor, with the capacity to accurately translate the sonic signature of a large sound system at FOH or in control rooms. The X8 boasts high SPL and extended LF resources in a compact format carrying the pristine L-Acoustics sonic signature.


Live monitor enclosure

​Pristine sound quality, L-Acoustics sonic signature

SPL and LF resources at FOH position or control rooms

Extended bandwidth in a compact format

Wide conical directivity pattern for spatialization

No minimum listening distance

  • Transport Weight

    132kg (Case of 4)

    70kg (Case of 2)


  • Flying Weight


  • Includes

    1 x K&M 26735 White Round Base Speaker Stand

Dry Hire Enquires

01608 665061

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