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STUMPFL Vario 64 12M X 4M (39'4"X13'1") Front/No Legs

STUMPFL Vario 64 12M X 4M (39'4"X13'1") Front/No Legs


Stumpfl 39ft Frame Screens are very robust, hence making them ideal for the Rental & Hire industry. Made out of high precision extruded aluminium sections with snap joints for the corners that define the skeleton of the projection screen. The Stumpfl Vario corner blocks unfold and the snap joints lock automatically. Furthermore Vario combines Stumpfl’s time-tested modular frame system with stable, reliable multi element aluminium pieces that combine to allow a single-piece frame. Above all Stumpfl screen systems are built for Rental & Hire applications which require the frame to be set up as easily and quickly as possible.

  • Transport Weight

    150 Kg 

  • Flying Weight

    110 Kg

Dry Hire Enquires

01608 665061

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