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DMT Pixelmesh 12.5mm LED Panel (800mm x 400mm)

DMT Pixelmesh 12.5mm LED Panel (800mm x 400mm)


The Pixelmesh P12.5 is equipped with SMD3528 White Face LEDs that can reproduce over 16 million colours at a projection angle of 140 degrees, both horizontally and vertically. With a resolution of 6400 pixels per square metre and an adjustable refresh rate of up to 1000Hz, you can be sure the graphics on this screen will look amazing!


Product specifications

LED pixelmesh screen

LED light source: SMD3528 RGB white face

transparency: 35%

refresh rate: adjustable up to 1000 Hz

mounting angle: 15, 7.5, 0, -7.5, -15 degrees

screen surface: 0.32 square metres

pixel height: 12 mm

projection: 140 degrees horizontally and vertically

maximum power capacity: 100 W

average power capacity: 34 W

IP classification: IP-20 (indoor use)

cooling: convection

mechanical connection: Fastlock system

vertical modules: up to 10 modules

dimensions: 400 x 800 x 60 mm

weight: 6 kg

  • Transport Weight

    100 Kg (Case of 8)

  • Flying Weight

    6 Kg

  • Power Consumption

    0.5 Amps

Dry Hire Enquires

01608 665061

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