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Yamaha DM7 - EX 120-Channel Digital Mixer

Yamaha DM7 - EX 120-Channel Digital Mixer


Yamaha DM7 series channel strip is equipped with a number of advanced functions for convenient and intuitive sound creation. In addition to the channel EQ, which are inherited from the Rivage PM; the newly added FET limiter and Diode Bridge compressor offer expanded dynamics control. A 'mix balance' parameter allows the user to easily mix the original sound with a compressed sound and apply parallel compression. In addition, the order of EQ and Dynamics 2 can now be changed to suit the engineer's preferences. DM7 series also features the Dan Dugan automatic mixer with up to 64 channels in the channel strip as a standard feature. In cooperation with Dan Dugan sound design, the automatic mixer function can be accessed from the channel strip without the need for EQ rack resources. The input meters include a histogram display to help adjust levels

  • Transport Weight


  • Includes

    1x 13AMP - Powercon Cable (3M),
    1x Netgear AV Line Managed Network Switch,
    1x APC 1U UPS,


  • Power Consumption

    1 Amp

Dry Hire Enquires

01608 665061

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