Sennheiser ASA-1 Antenna Splitter Kit

Sennheiser ASA-1 Antenna Splitter Kit


This handy ASA 1-1G8 active antenna splitter transfers the RF signal of two receiver antennas to a maximum of four EW 100 G3-1G8 diversity receivers (2 x 1:4). These receivers are powered by the splitter, together with up to two antenna amplifiers per diversity branch. In order to use an 8-channel system, two splitters can be connected (cascading). The built-in RF amplifiers provide loss-free functioning for crystal-clear signal transfers. The Sennheiser ASA 1-1G8 active antenna splitter is delivered with eight 50cm long BNC cables.

  • Transport Weight


  • Power Consumption


  • Includes

    2x Sennheiser A2003 UHF Antenna,
    2x RG8X RF Cable (10M),

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